breakup spell

I Will Cause a Breakup of Any Couple of Your Choice Using Breakup Spell

Do you want to help someone who are in a relationship they should not be in? Do you feel your ex should be with you instead of being with their current partner? If you need help to break up a relationship on amiable terms then you are at the right place because I have the ability to do it.

I have cultivated telepathic skills which allow me to send messages to the minds of other people no matter where they are in the world. Through careful analysis of your aura and energy patterns I can determine which message will have the greatest effect and cause a relationship to break.

With the aid of focusing methods, I project a message of distrust and frustration into the mind of your target for their partner. Over time, this suggestion takes root and stimulates brain waves into suggesting the content of the message.

Please note that any information you share will be strictly confidential. I have worked with thousands of clients across the globe, some of whom are quite famous, so you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. Additionally all payments on this site are processed by PayPal in the most secure way.

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Mega Spell
Three month spell
Description: The spell will be performed everyday for the next three months.
Ultra Spell
One month spell
Description: The spell will be performed everyday for the next one month.
Super Spell
One week spell
Description: The spell will be performed everyday for the next one week.
Basic Spell
One day spell
Description:The Spell will be performed for a day

Frequently Asked Questions

1How long will it take for me to see results?
What I do is implant thought in a person's mind using telepathy. How soon and if the target responds varies from person to person because it varies from person to person. I have usually seen 80% of the people respond in a few weeks to three months.
2What are the difference between the different packages you offer?
They offer different duration of the spell. As with any energy-based influence, the longer the duration of the spell the more pronounced the spell’s effect. At least a week is recommended although based on your needs you could go for a longer duration.