Types of Magick

Throughout the ages, magick has evolved into many different types. All of which are being kept alive by practitioners around the world. There are so many types of Magick each with its unique practices. In this post I will focus on the most popular types of magick.

Black Magick

The Black Magick is also known as Dark Arts which has got its name from its own purpose and is ont of the most popular type of magick. The main intent of Black Magick is to manipulate nature’s energies for selfish and often evil purposes. People named it that way because they associate ‘evil’ with ‘dark’. Others disagree with this definition and believe that ‘Black’ and ‘Dark’ is not something evil but rather names that way since it was hidden for centuries. They believe that dark is just as beautiful as the light and one cannot go without the other because they form perfect balance on which the whole universe is based.

Practitioners of this form of magick manipulate psychic and electromagnetic energies of everything around them to change how people feel, to influence people’s decisions and overwhelm them with negative energies. These practitioners believe that the energy and matter which makes up the whole universe is linked. As energy exists in waves and in specific frequencies, practitioners tend to align the psychic energy of the participants with the person or thing they're trying to affect. In other words, they can synchronize thoughts, emotions and memories through the electromagnetic frequencies, and they can transfer them from one being to another. .

White Magick

White magick is the opposite of black magick. It is a type that uses supernatural powers for selfless purposes. This type of magick is one that is the most used. Practitioners of white magick believe that they have abilities to do such things as, for example, healing, because of wisdom passed on to them through hereditary lines or something that has happened to them in their life. Practitioners of these craft are also known as healers, sages, white wizards and witches.

Many people believe that white magick is nature’s magick because practitioners do not manipulate the energies, they work with them instead. They learn how to observe and feel the frequencies and act in synchronization with them. This is why people usually “prefer” white magick and think of it as the “right” way. Because it, objectively, stands for good and is even good for keeping the “local” energy flow in balance.


Necromancy is the most mysterious and dangerous types of magick and is incredibly difficult to achieve. It is the act of conjuring and calling for the dead for divination. Necromancers communicate with risen dead bodies as spirits in order to achieve communication with what that they hold. They summon the dead in order to gain some of their knowledge of the past or foretell something in the future. The spirits are sought because they lack a physical body and they are not limited by the earthly realm. Through history, necromancers have used this method to find hidden treasures, to unveil secrets, summon a loved one because they miss them and so on.

Some people categorize Necromancy as dark art because it contradicts with many moral principles, such as disturbing the peace of the souls that rest and using them for a selfish purpose. The danger lies in the fact that one can never know the true state and energy of a spirit they summon from the underworld. Necromancy is not as active in more recent times.


Alchemy is an ancient type of magick with the objective of changing one substance to another substance. The most common form of practicing alchemy was chrysopoeia, the transmutation of "base metals" into "noble metals". In other words, transforming lead into gold. Some other aims alchemists had were creating an elixir of immortality, creating the panaceas to cure all diseases and the development of an alkahest, the universal solvent.

Alchemists believed that perfecting the human body, mind and spirit is very important. They called that the magnum opus. When one reaches the state of magnum opus, they can be an alchemist and achieve success in that field. Alchemy was kept a secret wich they achieved by drawing and painting symbolling images of their processes.

Alchemists considered metals to be the embodiment of the cosmic order, instead of just substances. That’s why in alchemy manuscripts all of this is symbolized. Gold turns into Sun; silver into Moon, quicksilver into Mercury, lead into Saturn, calcium into Jupiter, iron into Mars, and copper into Venus. The choice of these seven celestial objects is not accidental. The sign of a completed week is a sign of perfection, the pursuit of wisdom and evidence of magical powers .

Elemental Magick

The elements are a very important type of Magick. They are a part of almost every magick type. There are four elements, each of which provides a different type of power and generates energy at different frequencies. These can be very powerful which is why practitioners during the ages have always tried to harness the power each element. However the new belief is to not to capture their power but to be one and in balance with them. The four elements are air, earth, water and fire.

Air is everywhere. Its energy is projective and it is also very progressive. Working with air can result in a tiny breeze and sometimes as a tornado. Air is in constant motion and because of that, it is ever-changing. These qualities give air the aspects of intelligence, freshness, beginnings and so on.

Just like air, earth is all around us. It is manifested as dirt, grass, the trees, the forests, the mountains. This element is the element of stability. It grounds us and it offers prosperity. Earth births and keeps alive everything that is around us. Any practices that request stable ground and firmness should call upon the element of the Earth. It’s associated with darkness and quietness and its energy is receptive. Practitioners use this element often in fertility rituals since Mother Earth is one mother to all. It is used in grounding rituals since it offers the stability, comfort and trust.

Water is a very strong element. This element provides beginnings, everything grows with water and nothing can survive without hydration. However, water can also end things. It is an element that brings balance in nature and synchronizes the energies that flow through. Its energy is receptive, and it is also very progressive. Its magickal properties are healing, cleansing, purifying. Practitioners use it in healing and cleansing rituals, it is used for happiness, reflection and psychic abilities.

Fire is one of the strongest elements and takes the most time to work with properly. Its destructive nature shines light on its creative side. This element starts and ends the cycle that brings all of the elements in balance. Its energy is projective and it is used for change, creativity, power and sensuality.

Kitchen Witchery

It is one of the most common magick types because of the intimacy and non-exposure that some other forms request. It is also one of the oldest practiced forms of magick known to humanity. There are multiple stories of old women who made remedies including all kinds of herbs and very specific ways of making them.

Practitioners of this craft bless their food and each ingredient they put in it. The process of preparing food is in a high meditative state. The kitchen and the tools are an altar and magickal tools on their own. Most of them have their own gardens and they grow and take care of their own plants, fruits and vegetables. That way they have the most connection and have their energy entwined with what they have grown. Cooking stew in cauldrons and using wooden pentacle-engraved ladles is a common sight in a witch’s kitchen.

Talismanic Magick

This is another older type of magick. Talismans are magickal objects that can be recognized by the inscribed symbol they have on them. These objects can be stones, parts of wood, can be written on leave or any other object. It is advised to be highly focused and in a meditative state when creating a talisman to ensure that the object’s symbolism closely represents the intended purpose of the talisman. The talisman needs to be in harmony with anything one wishes to attract. The more precise the symbolism is and the purer the intent is, the easier it is to receive what has been requested.

Some practitioners have a very specific way of creating a talisman. Some practitioners will only carve their symbol on an object while some will paint it and sometimes with a specific color, most commonly red. Other practitioners want to use only natural ingredients, so instead of painting with ink, they will do it with dirt or blood. Inscribing objects with water is a pretty powerful, yet unknown and not so much practiced method. Water is a strong element and even though you will not see it on the object in the long run, be sure that it is there to stay.

Blood Magick

This is on the most powerful yet dangerous magick type. It can be very potent if you know what you are doing and it does not deserve the taboo that has been getting for centuries now. No matter how much practitioners romanticize Blood Magick, it still requests hurting oneself. Blood Magick can help one in the path of self-discovery and the discovery of their own power. This form of magick is very personal since a person’s own blood is used.

Blood has two major aspects to it. It represents both life and death. It has the death aspect – the slain warriors on the battlefield, the hunter’s prey, and victims of violence or sacrifice. It also has the life aspect – the sole fact that blood has one of the biggest roles in keeping our bodies vital and keeping us alive – If our blood goes weak, we fall sick; If our blood is tainted, we will slowly wither. Other than these two aspects, Blood also has several dimensions. Some of them are pain, passion, loving, connection, raw emotion. Most importantly, blood is energy. Practioners use all the different properties to achieve all types of outcomes


Divination is a type of magick that helps practioners look into the future. This is also the form which is most exposed to the public where through tarot readers, astrologers, psychics, etc. It is important to note that one must be in a very clam and stable condition so they can be truly ready to find out things about the future. Knowing events before they happen can be tricky. Fear, anxiety and such other emotions have very strong energies and on a subconscious level that might attract the exact future events. However the important thing to know here is that fortune tellers can see the future but it might not be accurate since there might be changes in energy waves which they cannot anticipate.

1) Cartomancy - Cartomancers use cards as their main divination tool. There are many different decks of cards. The most common is the Tarot. When working with Tarot one works directly with the divine. Entering the divine flow will show one a guide through a certain situation, a possible outcome or predict an event that might happen. It is important to be in a pure and in a meditative state when doing a card reading and connection with the card is crucial.

2) Runes - It can come in many forms. It can be inscribed on stones, woods and crystals or just in card form. Each rune has its own specific meaning and aspect to it. It is important to learn the runes and their meaning so the reading can be done successfully.

3) Candle Reading – They are the most popular and active in Hoodoo magick. Candles are a great divination tool. They request a lot of patience and focus. Usually the candle reading is done by lighting a long and thin candle (~8h burning time). That means that the reader should be focused around the candle in specific time intervals during those eight hours. That is important because every single moment counts. The flame, the wax, the smoke, should all be considered as signs and taken under consideration for the final conclusion in the reading. The final part of the reading is observing the wax. While burning the candle will leave all kinds of shapes of wax and they all means something. Through a candle you can learn about the past, present and future of the person that the candle is dedicated to.

4) Pendulum - This method might be the simplest one. A pendulum consists of a weight that is attached to a string or a chain. The weight attached can be a crystal, a rock, bones or some other inscribed object. The Pendulum will show you answers in the form of Yes or No straight from the divine.

5) Scrying - This method requests the use of a reflective surface. That can be a crystal ball, a mirror, even calm and steady water. Witches that use scrying as their method of divination gaze into the reflective surface for a longer time period to get lost in the reflection and start seeing the future.

6) Favomancy - This method implements beans as the main tool of telling the future. 41 white beans are tossed on a surface. The way they land, where they land and what patterns they form is all to be taken into consideration when doing the reading. The point of Favomancy is looking at the bigger picture.

7) Palmistry - This method is one of the oldest method. It is believed that people have their whole paths of their past and future inscribed on their palms. There are many lines, some are very obvious and some are subtle. That is why palmistry requests good observation and knowledge of what to look at and how to interpret it.

8) Numerology - It is a method of divination that uses numbers. Each number, from 1 to 9, has its specific meaning and energy. The way that this method works is by calculating one’s numbers of greatest relevance to their being. The numbers are related to the target’s name and birthdate. This method of divination is used to determine one’s life path, lucky numbers, major life challenges and opportunities. Just like astrology, it shows the major forces that move one’s life.

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